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College Internships:

AMI International has an active Intern program that offers possibilities to work on truly exciting projects. Most of AMI's Interns bring skills in the areas of marketing, international business, naval & war studies, business studies, project management, and language skills. AMI Interns can expect to work on new product development, research on naval market data, marketing, and other interesting projects where their knowledge, skills, and abilities count towards a finished marketable product.

AMI Interns walk away with new skills, thoughts, and energy to apply to their schooling and future careers.

Summer Internships in Bremerton, WA are available to college students.

Interested applicants must submit:

  • Cover Letter, including salary requirements
  • Resume
  • Writing Sample (under 10 pages)
  • References: 3 Professional and 2 Personal
  • Submit to

AMI College Intern Alumni Testimonials:

A Message from the General Manager of Unmanned Systems

An internship opportunity at AMI International is an enormous learning experience. From working with leading experts in open-source intelligence and advisors who engage with the leading defense manufacturers in the world, to being given real responsibility, an internship is not just preparation for your future career, it's the beginning of your career.

I began working at AMI in 2007 as an intern, focusing on product development. I was quickly integrated into the team, expanding my responsibilities and working closely with our senior advisors on market assessments for the challenges that our clients faced. Soon after, I was hired full-time as a Naval Analyst and Assistant Consultant.

Since then, I have continued to research and formulate solutions to complexities faced in global security and defense. I moved to the east coast, earning my masters degree, while remaining an employee of AMI. While this was a challenging endeavor, AMI was accommodating and helpful. Nevertheless, working at AMI is to take on challenges. We work to provide our customers and clients direct insights into a rapidly changing market.

Today, I now serve as the General Manager of our new product division - AMI Unmanned Systems. With the rapidly changing environment of international security, we are expanding our knowledge, insight, and expertise to the upcoming challenges faced by the developing market for unmanned systems, which include Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs).

Needless to say, my internship experience with AMI has been challenging, but the challenges have given great reward.

Quinn Russell of Central Washington University

Serving as an intern at AMI International has been an awesome experience…and that's putting it lightly. Before working for AMI, I had little, to no knowledge regarding the defense industry and the international market. Since being inducted to the AMI team I have not just been able to learn about the defense industry, but have been immersed in it. The duties of an intern at AMI are not your typical paper push and coffee run type of tasks. AMI has allowed me to be a part of the team.

With AMI I have had the opportunity of working with expert advisors on projects across a broad spectrum of defense issues, as well as the exciting task of assisting in creating a new market segment in unmanned vehicles. Interning at AMI is a rewarding experience, full of opportunity and insight that is not available at any other internship.

Derek Saam, MBA graduate of the University of

I had the pleasure of working as an intern with AMI while attending the University of Washington. AMI was a great experience; it was an educational and fun office with a good group of people.

Guy Stitt and Bob Nugent were tremendous mentors, they took an active and personal interest in my future, and having interned at other companies, this mentor support is especially unique to the AMI experience.



Margaret Cronin of University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA and graduate of Washington State University in Seattle, WA.

AMI International specializes in providing comprehensive naval intelligence reports; therefore my main function as an intern at AMI was to draft an intelligence report on the future of nuclear propulsion within world navies. With meaningful and open assistance from everyone in the office, especially with Bob Nugent's expertise and patience, I was able to compile data and put together a comprehensive draft of various countries and their nuclear propulsion potential.

Aside from working in the office everyone was extremely friendly and the Owner / President Guy Stitt when travel allowed him to be in the office was extremely generous with his time, knowledge, and the more than occasional lunch and coffee.

My time at AMI International broadened not only my ability to research and write on completely new and relevant topics, and allowed me to expand my potential to other employers in the future.

Scott Jewell, of Sammamish, Washington, joined AMI in July 2010.

As a graduate of Central Washington University, he received a B.A. in Geography & Land Studies with a concentration in Physical Geography and Geospatial Techniques. In addition to his Bachelors Degree, Scott was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force. He will enter Active Duty in November 2010 as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot, training at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, Texas.

At AMI, Scott is a member of the Unmanned Systems Division team. With his future role, flying unmanned systems, Scott is excited he has had the opportunity to work with this division of AMI, specifically with unmanned aircraft systems. 

Air Force Association
National Defense Industrial Association
Arnold Air Society
Civil Air Patrol
Central Washington University Alumni Association


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