Advisory Profiles

RADM Dan Bowler USN (Ret.)

  • Surface Warfare
  • Lockheed Martin (VP, Navy Systems, Washington Operations)
  • Joint Operations (JTF Noble Anvil; Kosovo)
  • Joint Staff (J8; Resources; JROC)
  • OPNAV - Programming, Requirements, Assessments
  • Fleet Ops (Pacific, Mideast, 3rd Fleet)
  • Naval Research Advisory Committee
  • Naval Studies Board
  • Commandant, National War College

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VADM Bill Hancock USN (Ret.)

  • Surface Warfare
  • Fleet Ops (Pacific, Mideast)
  • DCNO Logistics
  • USN Budget Officer
  • PPBS
  • Army Science Board
  • Naval Research Advisory Committee

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VADM Doug Katz USN (Ret.)

  • Surface Warfare
  • Fleet Ops (5th Fleet, SURFLANT)
  • OPNAV - Requirements
  • Joint Ops (Central Command)
  • Current with USN CNO and Staff
  • Chair, Naval Academy Curriculum 21
  • ONR Advisory Committee
  • Past President, Surface Navy Association

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Mr. Dave Lassek Senior Executive

  • 40 years in industry, government
  • BAE, United Defense, Bofors, NAVSEA (DSMC)
  • Program Manager to Executive VP
  • Naval Guns, Missiles, Launchers
  • Manufacturing and Cost Savings
  • Partnerships and Acquisitions
  • Displace and Capture Strategies
  • New Market Penetration (US & Int’l)
  • Major IRAD Initiatives
  • NDIA Executive Committee-Strike

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CAPT Rick Hepburn PE, USN (Ret)

  • Engineering Duty Officer (Retired 0-6)
  • Author of History of American Naval Dry Docks
  • Past President, American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
  • ASNE 2003 Frank G Law Award Winner
  • Former SUPSHIP Bath Maine
  • Former Director Surface Ship Design Group NAVSEA
  • Former Senior Vice President L-3 Power Paragon
  • Elder, Reformed Presbyterian Church of Manassas, VA

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Admiral Terrance T. Etnyre, United States Navy (Retired)

Vice Admiral Etnyre is a 1970 graduate of the University of Michigan and was commissioned an Ensign in July 1971 at Officer Candidate School, Newport, R.I.

His early sea and shore assignments included: Damage Control Assistant in USS Hammerberg (DE 1015) homeported in Naples, Italy; Repair Officer in USS Enterprise (CVN 65); Plant Performance Evaluation Officer for the AIW nuclear propulsion prototype, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Engineer Officer, USS Mississippi (CGN 40); Member, Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board, Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; and Executive Officer in USS Long Beach (CGN 9)....

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Rear Admiral Thomas J. Wilson, III, USN (Retired)

Tom Wilson has earned a reputation as an analytic thinker and a hands-on manager and leader who challenges assumptions and collects facts as a problem solving method. He is also recognized as an individual who gets things done, turning analytic products into practical solutions. With extensive experience in defense, Navy and business matters extending over the last 35+ years his widely diverse experience extends to ship and Force level operations, maintenance and training, defense budget, programming and acquisition processes, enterprise wide change management and business operations. Tom spent several years of his active duty career at the Navy Headquarters staff at the highest leadership levels....

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Stephen R. Woodall, Ph.D. / CAPT, USN (Retired)

  • Surface Warfare
  • Fleet Ops (Pacific, Mediterranean, Middle East)
  • Warfare expertise in IAMD, AAW, ASuW, ASW, Mine Warfare, Ocean Towing and Salvage
  • Extensive Service in OSD, Joint Staff, OPNAV
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Engineer, specializing in Integrated Air and Missile Defense
  • Vice Chairman, NDA Strike, Land Attack, and Air Defense Division

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