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AMI International distinguishes itself through the hands-on assistance provided to sales and marketing individuals worldwide. AMI has performed hundreds of market assessments, competitive analyses, and capture strategies for the leading naval industrial companies of the world.

AMI International provides advisory services to our worldwide clients for a variety of needs. Our primary focus in our assignments is to assist our clients in improving their "relative competitive position" either on a future program or in a market segment.

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Why AMI?

Proven Edge in the Global Naval Market - AMI International is the leader in naval industrial analysis for the defense industry and governments worldwide.

Offering Superior Products and Services - Our online market intelligence and advisory services deliver actionable insights and details necessary to address the complex and evolving naval market.

Team with Unmatched Professional Expertise - Career Naval Service Veterans; Global Industry Leaders; Senior Advisory Group.

AMI has been assisting naval industry and governments in their international projects since 1984.

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AMI offers a wide range of advisory services, including:

  • Focused naval market assessments
  • Comparative assessments for ships, systems and designs
  • Technology assessments
  • Competitor and teaming assessments
  • Business unit and product line strategy
  • Capture strategies
  • Bid and proposal preparation, review and critique
  • Future and adjacent market studies
  • WNPR
  • ESDB
  • WMSO
  • NSPD

Assisting naval industry and governments in their international projects since 1984.

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