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Guy Stitt is the founder and President of AMI International (https://amiinter.com), and an internationally known expert on naval acquisition, shipbuilding and maritime industrial issues. The world’s leading shipbuilders and naval systems providers have relied on Guy for over 20 years for his insight and strategic advice to shape decisions driving billions of dollars of naval construction.

Guy is also well-known to senior government decision makers across the globe. He has advised the governments of France, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Australia, and Chile on shipbuilding and maritime industrial base issues. He has also led AMI’s team of analysts and consultants to deliver a unique series of products tracking thousands of naval ship procurements worldwide since 1992.

Guy’s unique perspective of naval and acquisition issues stretches from deckplate to boardroom. He enlisted at age 17 and spent 5 years as an operational US Navy submariner before going on to serve as test and trials engineer for the FFG-7 new construction program. He built on this unique experience to found AMI and has spent the last 23 years as an advisor to shipyards, navies and governments on naval ship issues.

At AMI Stitt developed and published the World's first assessment of worldwide naval construction - the AMI Worldwide Naval Projections Report (WNPR). Guy’s team of former Navy and civilian experts have continuously maintained and updated the WNPR since 1992. The WNPR has become a "must read" for senior industry and government decision makers world-wide due to its unique and detailed insight into US$600 Billion worth of planned naval ship acquisitions in 70 different countries. Mr. Stitt also publishes the AMI naval "HOT NEWS" covering emerging naval shipbuilding and acquisition issues, winning a worldwide subscriber base numbering in the thousands.

Guy is also well known for his community service and close working relationship with political and Navy leadership representing the Puget Sound area. He serves as Vice President of the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the U.S. Navy League (http://brem-olympic.nlus.us/) and as an Ambassador of the Puget Sound Naval Bases Association (PSNBA) (http://www.psnba.org/). Mr. Stitt also serves on the City of Bremerton’s Economic Roundtable and is a board member of the Kitsap Regional Economic Alliance. In these capacities Mr. Stitt regularly interacts with senior U.S. Navy leaders, members of the U.S. Congress, as well as local Government, labor, and industry representatives. Recognizing Guy’s long and close relationship with the Navy, RDML Bill French, Commander, Navy Region Northwest, recently awarded Guy the coveted "Friend of the Navy" award.

Mr. Stitt is a life member of the U.S. Navy League, U.S. Naval Submarine League, U.S. Submarine Veterans, U.S. Naval Institute, and American Society of Naval Engineers. Mr. Stitt is an avid river fly-fisherman and collects antique naval books and oil paintings. Mr. Stitt is married to Mary Ann (Grangroth) of Minnesota, and they have two sons - Michael Andrew Stitt (24), and Jeremy Ryan Stitt (21).

Contact Guy at: gstitt@amiinter.com

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