AMI brings over 30 years of experience and insights to the global naval marketplace. Our market intelligence and proven analytical processes confirmed by unique sources deliver unbiased insights to our customers. We have a clear understanding into US and international naval acquisition programs and processes. Our team interacts with a broad range of key navy staff and industry contacts in many countries throughout the world. These regular insider discussions with MoD and naval staffs, defense industry, think-tanks and academia deliver essential information our analysts need to analyze naval market trends and activities.

AMI Online Market Intelligence Products

Our customers, whether it be a ship designer or builder, a systems house or equipment manufacturer, want to know the near term market opportunities and where to look for new sales or emerging markets in the global naval marketplace.  AMI's market intelligence products provide users with a "cradle-to-grave" view of the international naval market.  This detailed long range look into the new construction and modernization markets helps strategy, sales and business development teams find real sales opportunities and more importantly determine what to bid, and what not to bid.

By analyzing world navies and coast guards and their force composition, operational requirements and future plans, AMI analysts provide our customers with the essential information needed to address the future naval market. Our analysts understand how navies formulate their force requirements and how this process determines the conceptualization of a ship design leading to a contract award, vessel construction, and commissioning followed by periodic modernization and refit activities throughout the vessel's service life, and eventual decommissioning or transfer to the secondary market.

AMI online market intelligence products provide our clients with a suite of tools and resources to ensure an in-depth understanding of the naval marketplace.  Our products identify near term sales opportunities and provide early warning on others to help your team support bidding strategies, customer relations and influence specifications.  Whether a country's navy or coast guard type force is looking to replace aging vessels, expand their fleet to meet an emerging threat, or modernize key platforms, AMI analysts possess the in-depth knowledge and detailed understanding of the world's naval and coast guard ship construction program plans and acquisitions to assist you.


Worldwide Naval Projections Report

Our flagship product, the Worldwide Naval Projections Report (WNPR) database with Hot News naval market newsletters provides users with a strategic overview and tactical insights into what sea services will buy, build or modernize over the next 20 years. WNPR identifies the prime capturable market for companies offering new construction ships and related systems and equipment through programs of record, international tenders and requests for information as well as anticipated force structure requirements. A 20-year future ship construction forecast for naval and coast guard vessel projects worldwide, gives our customers unique insights into world navies and their future procurement requirements by country, region, vessel type and system. WNPR also addresses ongoing and future modernization activities to extend vessel service life, replace aging equipment or improve a vessel's combat systems capability.

With an annual subscription to WNPR, users also receive Hot News monthly newsletters providing breaking developments in the naval marketplace including new construction and modernization updates, shipyard and systems house trends, naval ship design developments, and combat systems and unmanned maritime system updates.

Other AMI market research tools that deliver predictive analysis on navies and the naval market, worldwide:


Naval Systems Projections Database

NSPD is a 20+ year naval market forecast tool listing new construction projects by country, program, ship type, program status and anticipated system and equipment fit. This important analytical tool used to assess future acquisition trends and cost estimates for new ship construction and associated systems and equipment procurements. Coupled with WNPR, users obtain greater insights regarding the global demand in the naval marketplace by determining how much navies are spending on key programs over the next 20 years. NSPD also provides users with details to determine future market share as well as likely competitors in future programs of interest.


Existing Ships Database

ESDB is an online searchable tool containing over 12,000 active, building, decommissioned and transferred ships from navies, coast guards, customs and police vessels, worldwide. Vessels in ESDB are identified by country, ship name, class, vessel type and status with general ship characteristics, installed weapons, sensors and equipment. Queries are exportable to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.


World Missiles Online

WMOL is an online searchable database containing over 400 missiles and guided munitions that is cross-referenced to over 1,600 missile names. Individual data entries provide textual data, specifications, line drawings and photos.

As a global naval market analysis firm, the AMI suite of online market intelligence tools provide our clients with the essential information needed to ensure market understanding, identify near term and long term sales opportunities, and help determine the prime capture advantage your sales teams are looking for in the naval marketplace. Our product quality, analytical acumen and timeliness will give you the competitive edge you need in today's rapidly evolving market.

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